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Nick Chen is one of New York City's most martial police officers and the first Chinese-born immigrant on the force. Chen's job is to keep the peace in Chinatown from a turf war that has broken out between the Triads and the ruthless, and dangerous Fukienese Dragons. Chen teams up with Danny Wallace, who is terribly unaware of this situation. When the Tongs boldly attempt to bribe Wallace, Chen is forced to keep his faithfulness.
A New York police officer goes undercover in a dangerous crime scene to investigate abductions and drug-trafficking operations. He obtains backup with the help of another brave Hong Kong police officer who works for the NYPD. They partner up together to stop the operation before the city goes down. The criminal organization is called the "Fukanese Dragons" who are likely terrorists and illegal immigrants who are about to tear up Chinatown in New York City.
Wahlberg and Chow both perform very believably and work well on screen together. This partnership reminded me of Training Day (with Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke). That is, the green cop being "educated" by the seasoned cop and we're not sure if the seasoned one is corrupt or not. I also thought it was shot well with good use of lighting. The action scenes were well directed and quite spectacular in some cases (eg. the car chase and several shoot-outs) without going too over the top. The plot was a little hard to follow at first, but I blame this on myself, not the storyline. It's commendable that so much thought was given to the script and plot so it didn't always seem we were just waiting for an action scene. The drama added intensity and suspense well, too. For example, the tension between Chen and Wallace. The thread with Wallace and his father added good depth to his character and the story, as did the fact that he and Chen retained their partnership in fighting even when the suspected worst was revealed about Chen. It was also notable the role music played in the film. For example you always knew when the Asian punks were about to show up due to the rap music. The subtle music in dramatic dialogue scenes gave the scenes a good atmosphere.
Marky Mark Wahlberg got top billing but this is really Chown Yun Fat&#39;s movie and he does a nice job carrying it. Fat is an old-time Chinatown cop who long ago compromised himself for favors from the local crime boss, and Wahlberg is the new cop assigned to his area. Fat&#39;s eccentricities enhance a fairly standard character-type (the essentially good cop who sold out his integrity – most notably last seen in &quot;LA Confidential&quot;) and makes you want to see him pull out of this mess.<br/><br/>Wahlberg got a lot of raves for his performance in &quot;Boogie Nights&quot; but he falls pretty flat here. His character if fairly bland and even after more of his background is revealed to show that he&#39;s not necessarily the naive patsy he first comes off as, he&#39;s never very compelling.<br/><br/>There&#39;s a few ultra-violent shoot-outs that seem a concession to Chow Yun Fat&#39;s work with John Woo but they don&#39;t always fit very well in the story. These Hollywood movies always show America as some urban warzone where people are gunned down by the dozen off the street, I wonder what tourists must think! The movie has a fairly predictable end but it&#39;s an above-average cop drama, if only for Chow Yun Fat&#39;s performance–this is certainly better than his first American movie, &quot;The Replacement Killers&quot;.
Beneath The Corruptor's explosive body count is a rock-solid, visually slick crime thriller set in the squalid netherworld of Manhattan's Chinatown.

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