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A hybrid of Hitchcock's Vertigo and the Wayan Brothers' Scary Movie, Rebecca 2 is trash camp b-grade melodrama staged in small town New Zealand. Rebecca 2 begins with the dramatic suicide of a young, beautiful Big Brother Reality-TV star turned presenter/actress, Rebecca. Kate, a scrawny kid with brown scruffy hair, a dirty face and black eyes, watches with intense fascination and desire the news broadcast of the celebrity icon's untimely death. 10 years later more than Kate's hair is a mess. Kate is unemployed - indeed unemployable - a chronic alcoholic, a binge eater and a compulsive masturbator. Recently fired from her job as a nurse aid for accidentally causing the death of an older heart patient, Kate has little more to do than laze around in her filth infested bedroom, eating sardines and Oreos and jerking off to infomercials. However, unimpressed with his wife's slovenly behaviour, Kate's successful novel writer husband forces our heroine into the world of 9-5, tan suits and income tax. Listening, not to the pretentious self-indulgent spiels of her husband, but instead, to words of wisdom offered by a daytime infomercial, Kate eventually ignites a desire to begin a journey of self-improvement and purification. Kate's new found desire for employment, cleanliness and good health is, however, shortly lived. Through a series of unexpected events Kate discovers evidence that her lifelong love, the reality TV star Rebecca, may indeed still be alive, living under an alias in New York. Unable to shake off this intriguing and intensely erotic possibility Kate travels across the world in the hope of uncovering the mystery of Rebecca.
Rebecca 2 is trash camp b-grade melodrama staged in small town New Zealand.
Can't think of much I'd change about 'Rebecca 2'. It contains various surprise goodies for people familiar with 'Rebecca', 'Vertigo', John Waters, Fassbinder and others, but they're just the neat trimmings. The film works extremely well on its own merits, mixing camp humour, carefully deployed melodrama, a raft of memorable one liners and striking edits, and quite diverse locations & situations (the gambling streak in Auckland, narcotics mishaps in rural New Zealand, the mysterious dominatrix in New York, and an "erotic" hospital sequence that is probably inappropriate to describe here). Reminded me a lot of 'Pink Flamingos' or 'Female Trouble', but a few more plot twists and some surprisingly beautiful shots (that is, given the pretty raw treatment of the more shocking sequences in the movie). Highly recommended.
Watching this film is like being licked on the face by a filthy, rough- tongued drag queen with a Hitchcock fetish. And I loved it. It is funny, beautiful, disgusting, irreverent, confusing (not to mention seriously smart) and has a lead actor whose combination of dead-pan humour and jaw dropping beauty will haunt you. The casting decisions, John Waters references and fierce feminist porn stars will find you wondering if you've died and gone to queer heaven. After an initial period of uncertainty the extended melodramatic exchanges quickly become the highlights of the film for me, with some of the dialogue so funny I nearly choked on my drink with laughter. There are scenes in Rebecca 2 as beautiful as anything I've seen and as trashy as anything I'd want to. Get a hold of it. Believe me. It'll feel good.

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