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The skilled pilot Denis Hopkins lives with his pregnant wife Valerie and has a comfortable lifestyle. When the gang of criminals headed by the sadistic Ricky Barnes breaks in his seaside house, Denis offers whatever the criminals want to protect his beloved wife but the evil Ricky kills Valerie. The baby is saved, and later the murderer is arrested and sent to the maximum security prison of Sullen Voe. Denis, moved by the purpose of avenging the death of Valerie, gives the baby and his house to his sister-in-law Christine. Then Denis breaks into a police car and is arrested, but he does not reveal his true name and is called John "What" by the prisoners and guards. Denis attempts to escape, forcing his transfer to Sullen Voe. When he reaches the prison, Ricky sets up a confrontation, but things do not happen the way Denis expected.
Warning, possible spoilers<br/><br/>I didn&#39;t have high expectations of this, in fact I never really thought much about it. But when I watched it it was quite good.A pity it went straight to video,as far as I know anyway, it deserved to be on the big screen. Andy Serkis is good at playing a truly evil, detestable, villain. Johnny Lee Miller is good as the widower, Denis, seeking vengeance, and the way in some cases he must become a truly different person from what he was, becoming ruthless, hardened, and a user of others, is well followed. He&#39;s a sympathetic character as he goes through all the various trials and tribulations. The other cast are good in their parts as well. I am not a big fan of criminal movies but with this, as well as Lock Stock, I am willing to make an exception. I can&#39;t complain about this, and am glad I saw it. A good thriller.I won&#39;t spoil the ending but I will say I liked it very much.
and i do mean drama.this is not an action packed movie.the emphasis is definitely on the;s all about the trouble a man goes to to get revenge on a guy who killed his takes quite awhile to get there,and when it does,it&#39;s almost not worth it,at least in my opinion.i don&#39;t mind if a movie takes awhile to get to the payoff,except in this movie,there isn&#39;t really a payoff.i sorta wondered to myself if it was worth all the trouble the guy went through.but the movie is at least,there is a bit of character development and there&#39;s some pretty good,it&#39;s not as if the movie is drop dead boring or anything.i just expected more.if you&#39;re an action junkie,you should look elsewhere for your won&#39;t find it here.when all is said and done,i think The Escapist is worth a 6/10.

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